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Persistence is what an antelope exhibits when a lion is chasing it. It doesn't give up. It persists, and in so doing - it can overcome the challenge, outlast any enemy, and avoid becoming someone else's meal.

So how do we unlock this type of "Nothing will stop me!" mentality in our students?

Once you read this issue of our newsletter, you will know how to get your students to subconsciously apply this "never stop" mentality in every aspect of their lives!
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Growth Mindset

"Not even my mistakes can stop me!"

The way to persist is to acknowledge that our mind is expandable and that mistakes are not to be feared, but should be taken as learning opportunities.

Once you unlock this mentality in  your students, they will be able to say, "You can knock me down but you can't keep me down" at every hurdle life throws at them!
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"I know what I want and I will sacrifice to get it."

Self-control is what separates the men from the boys, and the women from the girls. It is that ability to say no to watching a 5th episode of your favorite TV program, when you know deep inside that you should stop at 4 episodes.

Ultimately self-control reaps great profit for the individual, and once you help your students tap into this powerful mindset, you can see more successful students and a much better environment in your classroom.
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Attentive Listening

"Eureka! I've hit an Aha Moment!"

To listen in an active way is to listen with intent and purpose. Teachers who can train their students to listen with an active ear will find their students able to ask meaningful questions and contribute to the learning atmosphere of your every course.

This one issue can help you mold the "perfect classroom" by improving engagement, igniting meaningful conversation, and evolving your students into individuals prepared for the next level - whether it's middle school, high school, or even college!
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